This is Lindsay (Fred’s girlfriend) I am starting week 7-8 and wondering if you were interested in doing a 12 week program for me? I’m seeing results and excited to keep going. The only thing I’m having trouble with is food. I travel extensively for work (usually 3-5 days a week in a hotel). All my food on the road is expensed so I usually go for salads and soups however it’s easy to cheat. Supper is my biggest pain.
L Rigby
Working Professional
I just finished week 12 and started all over again from week 1. I loved your program and it proved to be really effective. Now i want to get amazingly ripped. What do you think we should do? another 12 week program or becoming a member? I'd rather have a plan made specifically for me.
X Hernandez
Working Professional
I followed your customized workout plan last year, and saw great progress through it, but I ended up losing motivation.. I am looking to get back into a scheduled workout plan, and I was wondering if you are still providing customized plans?
B Micic
Working Professional
The training program is great, I am really sticking to the regimnet laid out. My overall health and mood have been great, I've been eating healthy and meal prepping every night to get ready for the next day. I havent had any difficulties sticking to the workout program, I have been working out for a few years before so i know how to control myself. Something new i learned is how much i love HIIT and full body circuits
S Kalim
Wanted to let you know that I am enjoying the program! For the past three weeks I've made it to the gym consistently 4 times, a big improvement from before. I've also had day 5 of exercise each week, a long bike ride, or something active outdoors. I really enjoyed the cardio circuits, which surprised me. For my hiit sessions, I was doing full sprints for approx 15 seconds, with a 15 second rest. (pretty much my max). I did this 6 times. I am trying to improve every time I do it.
M Anderson
Working Professional
Things are going well. Hitting the Gym regularly and watching my diet as well. I dropped below the 200lbs mark this morning. Weighed in at 198lbs at the gym this morning so that's amazing news. 1 more week to go and i'm pumped. Thanks for everything bro.
I Nwaogbo
Working Professional